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We are a small business and we had a few computer issues that needed to be resolved. I called Javier and explained all the issues we were having. He made an appointment to come to the shop and address all the issues we were having. He tackled each problem one by one and managed to clear two computers from viruses. We also had a wifi problem in our back shop and he immediately diagnosed the problem and installed a new router that fixed the issue. Javier is a real professional in what he does. I highly recommend him to take care of any network, computer or internet issues you may have. He knows exactly what to do by diagnosing the problem first hand and recommending a fix. Our computers are now running perfectly with the help of Javier.
Complete Car Care Encinitas
Javier is by far the best IT guy in all of San Diego if not California that I’ve ever met. He goes above and beyond, is honest, reliable and is always willing to help even if it’s not in his own field of work. He has a heart of gold and I trust him 100% ! Thank you Javier for all you do if I can give you 10 stars I would!!
Frances Mouser
5 stars for Javier, I have known him for approximately 5 years or more. He is a good computer technician, a person I can trust, he has helped me fix virus problems and at the same time he has taught me several things in computers or programs related to my business, thank you Javier for your good service and your responsibility.. 100% recommended
Marcelo Lopez
Javier Bucio is determine to find a solution and get it done. I had a serious PC problem where certain normal functions concerning the keyboard and the screens lower bar icons weren't showing up, which made it impossible to shut the PC off unless it was a hard shut off (manually). Before it got that crazy the screen would flash every time I click on an icon on the home screen and nothing would happen, but Javier Bucio was like a wizard and in less than 10 minutes our PC was back to normal. I've used Javier Bucio"s services for years and he is relentless in trying to solve and solving problems. Is Javier Bucio the greatest PC repair man of all times, that I don't know, but what I do know is when I have PC problems, he solves them.
Brian Hamilton

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